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Mark your calendar for the next North American Muay Thai Classic on June 25-28, 2015!


 Muay Thai Classic Corner Passes

Guidelines for Corner passes:

When purchasing the passes, if you are entitled to complimentary passes, please do not include those in the total.
You will receive the complimentary passes, when you pick up you're paid passes, after all of your fighters have weighed in.
If you have questions, send me an email.

Corner Passes are $27 each in advance. $30 at Weigh ins.
One pass will allow admission for all three days and into all warm up areas.

ONLY Trainers (or appointed person) may pick up passes.

Trainers may allow someone else to pay for passes purchased in advance through the link (will be posted asap).  However, trainers are the only one that can pick them up at weigh ins.
Trainers must bring photo ID to pick up.

*Corner passes are for corners and trainers only!
They are NOT for parents, friends, family, gym members who are sitting in the spectator section
 keeping you informed of the progress or results or any other spectators.
If you have a parent of a jr fighter that is helping out in a small way, you can show your appreciation in another way.
You can NOT give them a discounted corner pass as a sign of your appreciation.
These are ONLY for TRUE Corners!

If security notices a spectator wearing a corner pass, the corner pass will be taken away
and the person will be required to purchase a regular spectator ticket.
Also the trainer/corners of the team will have to pay for any complimentary passes they were given (if applicable),
the team will lose all points for the team trophy, and the trainer will not be allowed to
receive complimentary corner passes in the future.


Passes are allocated by the number of registered fighters competing on a team:

  1. Individual Fighter w/ No Gym or Trainer (Independent), can purchase up to 2 passes (for corners ONLY!)

  2. Trainer with 1-3 fighters, can purchase up to 3 passes (for corners ONLY!).

  3. Trainers with 4-6 fighters, will receive 1 complimentary pass and can purchase up to 3 additional passes (for corners ONLY!).

  4. Trainer with 7-9 fighters, will receive 2 complimentary passes and can purchase up to 3 additional passes (for corners ONLY!).

  5. Trainers with 10 or more fighters, will receive 3 complimentary passes and can purchase up to 3 passes (for corners ONLY!).

YES, if you are a fighter, your pass will work as a corner pass. You do not need to buy one. :)