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Frequently Asked Questions
for the TBA Classic tournament in Des Moines

**The Revgear Tournament of Champions is ran similar to the TBA Classic. 
The main differences is the Tournament of Champions only has 8 main brackets (Classic has 16) and the Class A fighters will compete in a true, five round, no pads, title fight for a fully defendable TBA-SA title fight.    At the Classic, ALL fights are 3 rounds.

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Is there a host hotel? When are weigh ins? What are the prices for spectators?
Do I have to stay at the host hotel? Will I have to make weight more than once? What do I wear? How much are corner passes?
Which airport is the closest? Is there an allowance at either weigh in?


Are there other airports to fly into? Is there a Sauna available? I have to withdraw from the tournament, what do I do?
Will there be a shuttle for transportation?


I can no longer attend. Do I get a refund?


I need to update my fight record.


Do I need to provide blood work for the tournament? I need to change weight brackets, what do I do? Do I have to bring my own gloves?
I am over 40 yrs old, do I need to do anything extra? Where do I send my photo? Are you supplying the headgear and shin guards?
What do I need for my check in appointment?


What type of headgear and shin guards are allowed?


How will I be seeded? Can I wear MMA shorts?
I'm in the novice division, will I get a belt or a trophy? My teammates is in my bracket, will we fight each other? Can I wear a shirt?
How are team points figured up for team trophies? I was asked to go into a 'catch weight' bracket, what is that? Do I have to wear a chest protector?
I'm a girl, do I have to wear groin protection?
Is there more than one team trophy? When are brackets closed?



I have no opponent, what happens? When is the rules meeting?
Will my 10 yr old have to fight someone 14? What if there are only two in my bracket? When will I fight?
I'm a junior traveling without parents.  Is there a form?   There are only two in my bracket, do I have to still weigh in on Thursday?
weight bracket with allowance for Sunday
Juniors Wt Class With Allowance
- All Jrs
Junior Pin Weight 47 and Under 47.50
Junior Atom Weight 47.1-52 52.50
Junior Straw Weight 52.1-57 57.50
Junior Fly Weight 57.1-62 62.50
Junior Bantam Weight 62.1-67 67.50
Junior Feather Weight 67.1-72 72.75
Junior Light Weight 72.1-77 77.75
Junior Welter 77.1-82 82.75
Junior Middle 82.1-87 87.75
Junior Cruiser 87.1-92 93.00
Junior Heavy 92.1-97 98.00
Girls/Boys Pin Weight 97.1-102 103.00
Girls/Boys Atom Weight 102.1-107 108.00
Girls/Boys Straw Weight 107.1-112 113.00
Girls/Boys Fly Weight 112.1-117 118.00
Girls/Boys Bantam Weight 117.1-122 123.25
Girls/Boys Feather Weight 122.1-127 128.25
Girls/Boys Light Weight 127.1-132 133.25
Girls/Boys Super Light Weight 132.1-137 138.25
Girls/Boys Light Welter 137.1-142 143.25
Girls/Boys Welter Weight 142.1-147 148.50
Girls/Boys Super Welter 147.1-153 154.50
Girls/Boys Light Middle 153.1-159 160.50
Girls/Boys Middle Weight 159.1-165 166.50
Girls/Boys Super Middle 165.1-172 173.75
Girls/Boys Light Heavy Weight 172.1-179 180.75
Girls/Boys Light Cruiser 179.1-186 187.75
Girls/Boys Cruiser Weight 186.1-195 197.00
Girls/Boys Heavy Weight 195.1-215 217.00
Adults Wt Class Top Wt - Class C Top Wt - Class B Top Wt - Class A
Pin Weight 102 & Under 103.00 104.00 105.00
Atom Weight 102.1-107 108.00 109.00 110.25
Straw Weight 107.1-112 113.00 114.00 115.25
Fly Weight 112.1-117 118.00 119.25 120.50
Bantam Weight 117.1-122 123.25 124.25 125.50
Feather Weight 122.1-127 128.25 129.50 130.75
Light Weight 127.1-132 133.25 134.50 136.00
Super Light Weight 132.1-137 138.25 139.75 141.25
Light Welter Weight 137.1-142 143.25 144.75 146.25
Welter Weight 142.1-147 148.50 150.00 151.50
Super Welter Weight 147.1-153 154.50 156.00 157.50
Light Middle Weight 153.1-159 160.50 162.00 163.75
Middle Weight 159.1-165 166.50 168.25 170.00
Super Middle Weight 165.1-172 173.75 175.25 177.00
Light Heavy Weight 172.1-179 180.75 182.50 184.25
Light Cruiser Weight 179.1-186 187.75 189.75 191.75
Cruiser Weight 186.1-195 197.00 199.00 201.00
Heavy Weight 195.1-215 217.00 219.25 221.50

Is there a host hotel?
Yes, we always have a main, host hotel.  The hotel's information will be posted on the event page as well as other nearby hotels we reserve blocks at for the attendees.  Please look at the event page for details. 

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?
While it is not "mandatory" that you stay at host hotel it is considerably easier to stay at the host hotel.  If the hotel is 'full', PLEASE put your name on their waiting list. There are ALWAYS cancellations and everyone that is on the list should get a room!  Every year there has been a dozen or more rooms available the day of weigh ins.

Which airport is the closest?
The nearest airport for the June TBA Classic in Des Moines, is the Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is literally across the street and the hotel has a complimentary shuttle.
The nearest airport for the October Tournament of Champions will be listed on the tournament website, www.revgearchampions.com. This tournament travels so the location may be different each year.

Are there other airports to fly into?
June TBA Classic  in Des Moines ---  Omaha is a 2 hr drive, Minneapolis is 3.5 hrs, and Kansas City is 3 hours.

Will there be a shuttle for transportation?
Yes, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to/from the airport, and will also take fighters within a 1 mile radius which includes several restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, a mall, a gym with sauna, and more!

Do I need to provide blood work for the tournament?
In the state of Iowa, if you are an amateur fighter the state does not require blood work.

When are weigh ins?
Weigh ins will take place typically the day before the fights start at the venue by appointment. All fighters MUST have an appointment. No Walks ins are allowed.  To schedule an appointment, please check the appointment calendar to see what is still available and send an email with requested time.

Will I need to make weight more than once? What do I wear on the scales?
ALL fighters will need to make weight and get physicals on Check in day. This will be done at your SCHEDULED weigh in appointment time. Fighters MUST make weight in their Thai Shorts. No sweats, street clothing or stripping down to bare is allowed. ALL fighters in the Championships will need to make weight again before their championship bout.  Times will be announced prior to the tournament.

Is there an allowance at either weigh in?
There will be NO allowance at the first weigh in on Check In day.  If you do not make weight at the first weigh in, you may pay the transfer fee and change weight brackets IF there is an opening. You are not allowed to re-weigh. There will be a scale for you to check your weight before coming in for the official weigh in.

Everyone going into the Championship bouts will need to make weight at their assigned Championship Weigh In. This will take place approximately 2-3 hours before Championship bouts begin.  If Championship bouts are on Sunday, they would start at approximately 6:30am-8:00am (unless another day/time is specified for smaller events). Fighters will arrive in sections according to the schedule for the day. (For example, bouts 1-30 will weigh in first 6:30-7:00, bouts 31-60 at 6:50-7:30, bouts 61-100+ 7:20-8:00. Final times will be posted at check in). There will be multiple scales so you will move rather quickly through scales.  SCHEDULES WILL BE POSTED. Check the schedule for the specific tournament you are participating in.

We will allow an allowance at a set percentage of the top weight in the bracket. See chart at top of page.
The (approximate) allowances are as follows: 
ALL Juniors - 1%, Adult Novice - 1%, Adult Class B & Open - 2%, Adult Class A - 3%.
If you are over the top weight, you will NOT be able to compete in your Championship bout. The chart below is for the CHAMPIONSHIP WEIGH INS ONLY!  There is NO allowance for your first weigh in on Thursday!

There are only two in my bracket, do I have to still weigh in on the first day?
Yes.  We need to have all fighters check in on the first day to confirm they are present and so they can attend the Rules meeting. 

When is the rules meeting? 
The rules meeting takes place later on the same day as check ins. Check schedule for final time. Time will be posted on the website and also available at weigh ins. This is a MANDATORY meeting for fighters and trainers! 

I need to change weight brackets, what do I do?  
If you need to change weight brackets, there is a link to pay the 'transfer fee' on the payments page which can be found on the event details page.  This page is linked to the tournament's name on the home page.
After submitting the fee, please send an email to pam@tbasanctioning.org  In the email, include your name, the wt bracket you are currently in and the wt bracket you want to change to. If you are a pending registration and want to change, email BEFORE making your payment or immediately after so we can update your registration when we're posting it. You will not have to pay the transfer fee if you do it this way. If you wait until after we post it, then you will need to pay the transfer fee. 

I need to update my fight record.
If you need to update your fight record, please send an email to pam@tbasanctioning.org
Include your name in the subject line.  When reporting record updates, please include the date of your most recent fight, who it was against, the outcome and then also your updated record in this format:  wins-loss-draws/knock outs (0-0-0/0)

What are the prices for spectators?
Tickets are available as a 1 day attendance or weekend pass.

"lap size" Toddlers, 4 and under are Free. All other seats are same price.
Ticket prices will be posted on the event information page.  There is always a link on the home page to this page.  Look for the "Click here for event info".
Tickets cannot be 'upgraded' once purchased. If your fighter wins on the first day and you did not buy a weekend pass, you will need to purchase another day pass. If your fighter does not advance, and you purchased a weekend pass, we cannot refund you the difference of a day pass over a weekend pass.  No Refunds issued once purchased.  

How much are corner passes?
Corner passes are good for the event. No other state license is needed if held in Iowa.
Corner passes pricing will be posted uner the "event information" page. There is always a link on the home page.  Look for the "Click here for event info" or under the "Coaches Corner".
Trainer will receive complimentary passes if bringing more then 3 fighters. 
Please view the guidelines for corners/trainer by visiting the "Coaches Corner" link on the event

I have to withdraw from the tournament, what do I do?
Each event website should have an option to submit a withdrawal form. Look under "Fighter's Check List". if unable to locate, send an email to the main office, main@tbasanctioning.org. Specify which event you are withdrawing from and the reason why.

I can no longer attend, do I get a refund?
Refunds are only issued if your withdrawal is due to military deployment. If you are still attending the tournament to support teammates or just to watch, you WILL still receive your goody bag and event pass to enjoy the fights for the weekend!  Just stop by the check out table with your photo I.D. and pick up your goodies! A goody bag will be mailed to fighters by request if the fighter has withdrawn before registrations close on the Sunday prior. 

I have no opponent, what happens?  
If you were in a bracket with only one opponent and your opponent drops the final week or is a no-show at the event,  AND there is no other bracket for you to move into, you will receive a (non-transferable) credit to be used within the next year. It can be used at the next TBA-SA tournament scheduled.
If you are still attending, you WILL still receive your goody bag (with event Tshirt and goodies from sponsors) and event pass to enjoy the fights for the weekend.
This is ONLY for fighters who are prepared to show up to fight but lose their opponent the last week 
and have absolutely no other bracket to move into, or had no options to move into another bracket.  If you choose to drop on your own, there is no refund or credit issued. 

Where do I send my photo?
*Photos are no longer required. 

What do I need for my check in appointment?
You need to bring yourself and your photo ID.  If you do not have a drivers license or passport, we can accept a government issued I.D. It must have your birthdate on it.  Check ins include: obtaining paperwork, going through scales to check weight. medics station for physical and then check out. At check out, you will turn in all paperwork, draw a seeding number, receive your wristband, and goodybag. 

Do I have to bring my own gloves? Are you supplying the headgear and shin guards?
We WILL be supplying ALL competition gloves, elbow pads and shin guards**. You will only need to bring your own gloves if you prefer to use them for warm up.

You will be required to supply your own head gear, groin protection (males) and mouth guard.

For a list of the approved head gear, please visit the 'approved equipment' page.

What type of headgear is allowed?
We are requiring that headgear be "neutral" or matched to your corner.  Black or white is preferred.  If you have red or blue and happen to fight out of that corner, you may wear it when it matches. 
For a list of approved headgear, please visit the "approved equipment page"
 (see link above)

Do I have to wear a chest protector? I'm a girl, do I have to wear groin protection?
Fighters will NOT be wearing chest protectors. Females have the option to wear chest protection. It is not mandatory. You may wear a smaller plastic chest protector that goes underneath the shirt or the 'turtle cups'.
ALL Males MUST wear groin protection. The type of cup is personal preference.
Females have the option to wear groin protection. It is not mandatory. 

Can I wear MMA shorts?  Can I wear a shirt?
 This is a Muay Thai tournament, therefore out of respect, all fighters must wear Thai shorts.  Competitors will not be able to wear MMA style or 'board shorts' or longer basketball type shorts.  You CAN wear spandex underneath your Thai shorts! 
Female fighters are to wear a sports bra and can wear a tank top or compression top. 
Males, if necessary but not encouraged, may wear a fitted 'under armor' or spandex type shirt.  A looser T-shirt  where a foot may become entangled is not allowed.

When will I fight?  What if there are only two in my bracket?
We will start elimination rounds on the first day of the tournament.  The fullest brackets will start first and we will work our way down to the smaller brackets (not 2-4 fighter bracket yet) then start over with the second round. If you are in a bracket with more than 10 fighters, you may fight TWICE if you win your first fight. Do NOT LEAVE the venue! The bouts will be numbered on the bracket sheets. We will post which bout numbers we will be ending with and which ones we will start with each day.
The only fights on Sunday will be Championship bouts.  If you happen to have only 2 people in your bracket, you will only fight on Sunday.  

I'm over 40 yrs old, do I need to do anything extra?
Regardless of the division you are in, if your age falls in the 'senior' age group (38-55 females, 40-55 males) you MUST have our extended form completed by your doctor and eye doctor.  You can obtain the form by clicking here. If you are age 38-49, the form will be good for TWO YEARS.  If you are 50 or older, it will be good only for the year of participation. Please email us a copy (pdf or jpg) BY the Sunday before the event starts so we know you have completed it and  bring the original with you to your scheduled check in time in case the on-site medic needs to review it. You will still be seen by our medics as part of the check in process. 

I'm in the novice division, will I get a belt or a trophy?:
All winners shall receive a custom title belt. Runners Up and below will receive custom medals. 
No Head Contact (NHC) divisions may receive a custom NHC belt or Trophy. check the event page for details on awards. 

RULES: No knees to the head in any of the brackets.
ALL fighters (Junior, Adult, Senior) competing in "Regular Rules" will have the option to use elbows to the head w/ supplied elbow pads. No Head Contact (NHC) will not include strikes to the head, so no elbow pads will be worn.  Elbows may still be thrown to the body. Junior Novice/C NHC will wear chest guards. 
ALL Elimination bouts will wear all safety gear. Class A Adult Championship bouts will not wear headgear during their Championship bouts.
We will supply elbow pads, shin pads and gloves! You will supply head gear.  

Fighters will be placed in their bracket by 'random draw'.  Because brackets are already divided by experience, fighters are already fighting others with similar experience.  Random draw is the quickest and fairest way to get the brackets completed. Fighters will draw a number at check out.  This will become their ID number for the weekend and will determine placement in the bracket. 

Teams are allowed to enter teammates into the same weight brackets, however we will NOT intentionally place them on opposite sides of the brackets. However the seeding dictates, is how they will fight. Keep in mind, they may have to face each other in the first round if that is the way they end up seeded.  There is NO EXCEPTIONS!

Youth will be placed into brackets according to their age (5-17) as of the day of weigh ins. We strive to stay within a 12-18 month age spread. If necessary, we will go up to 24 months. We do not go over 24 months unless it is fighters with experience and all trainers and parents approve. We pay close attention to the span in the age brackets where juniors are going through puberty and physical structures may have a wide variance. 

Parental Consent Form
If you are traveling alone with your teammate, have your parents complete and give it to the trainer. If there is not a current link on the event page, please email head office for a copy.

"Catch Weight" 
Six weeks before a tournament, the TBA-SA staff will begin adjusting single fighter brackets, if needed, for those without an opponent. This may include fighters meeting at a 'catch weight' or a fighter being asked to move up or down a bracket, and possibly moving to a higher division.  Your trainer will be contacted to discuss possible changes to ensure you have at least one fight and everyone has sufficient time to make new weight. 

When are brackets closed? 
Six weeks before tournament, ALL brackets with NO finalized fighters registered, will be CLOSED. A pending registration will NOT hold it open. Registrations will still be accepted in the OPEN brackets with registered fighters listed in them until MIDNIGHT (cst) on the Sunday before the tournament. We will work at combining brackets with single fighters into 'catch weights' or asking a fighter to move up or down to ensure at least one fight. These single fighter brackets will be closed out as fighters move. If you are interested in a bracket with only one fighter do NOT wait to register, it could be closed out that same day. 


More questions to be posted as they come in!



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