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Mark your calendar for the next North American Muay Thai Classic on June 25-28, 2015!

Muay Thai Classic 2015 Team Points

Teams Are awarded
1 point for each fighter making weight.
1 point is awarded for each Elimination bout won.
2 points are awarded for each Championship bout won.

*If no bout is fought, no point is awarded. No point awarded for 'bye'.

1 point is deducted for arriving late for bout or unprepared (no cup, thai shorts, etc).
1 point is deducted for each drop before day of weigh ins.
1 point is deducted for
*poor sportsmanship/disrespectful behavior by FIGHTER
2 points are deducted for each 'no show'.
2 points are deducted if a fighter is disqualified for conduct inside the ring.
3 points are deducted for
*poor sportsmanship/disrespectful behavior by TRAINER.
* poor sportsmanship/disrespectful behavior is one or more of the following:
using profanity, arguing w/ referee, arguing w/ staff, being excessively difficult to work with, bad mouthing attendees and staff, etc)

Teams Points
Teams of 5 or more are listed as of 6/5/15

Who's won the Team Trophy in the past?
Click here to find out!

Gym Completed
Drops or
Didnt Make Wt
Weigh In Points Bout Points Point Deductions Total Team Points
Team Toro 18            
TKMT 12            
Chok Sabai 11            
The Cellar 11            
Rico Steele's Martial Arts 10            
The Blast 10            
The Academy 10            
Mick Doyle's Kickboxing 10            
Kalsamrit Gym 9            
Dubuque Martial Arts Group 9            
Arashi Do Martial Arts 8            
Alliance Muay Thai 7            
Combat Fitness 7            
Fifth Round Martial Arts 7            
National Mixed Martial Arts 7            
Pride Mixed Martial Arts 7            
Pride Muay Thai 7            
Roufsport Academy 7            
Team Smandych 7            
Black Devil 6 1          
Darkside Muay Thai 6            
El Nino/Woodenman MT 6            
Fight Capital 6            
Olympus Martial Arts 6            
Premier Combar Center 6            
Roundkick Gym 6            
Southside Muay Thai 6            
Sudbury MMA 6            
Team Top Notch 6            
ThaiChamp Gym 6            
American Top Team HD 5            
Brazil Academy 5            
Houston Muay Thai 5            
Larson's Boxing & Fitness 5