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What is different about this tournament?

1.  This tournament will be open to adults only. (We will look adding juniors once it has become established, if there is demand)

2.  The tournament will be open to Class C, B, and A, Males & Females. Ages 17-45. 

3.  The Class A competitors will be awarded a TBA-SA North American defendable title and belt. 

4.  Entries MUST be from North American Countries & Dependent Territories of North America.

5.  Class C fighters will receive Revgear Title Belt. 

6.  Class B fighters will receive Revgear Title Belt and be given the option for the second seed position in the next tournament if entering Class A the following year. 

7.  Class C and Class B will not be awarded defendable titles. 

8.  Class A Champions are able to defend their title throughout the year on regular TBA-SA sanctioned shows.

9.  Class C winner will be given a top seed the following year in Class B or a second/third place seed if going into Class A the following year. For example, in 2017, Class A winner returns to defend their title, they receive top seed. Class B winner returns in Class A and is given second seed, Class C winner returns and enters Class A and is given third seed. If Class B winner does not return, Class C winner automatically goes up to second seed.

10.  Three months prior to next tournament, current champion will be asked to return to defend their title. Their registration fee will be waived and fighter will receive a travel stipend. (the amount will depend on the number of participants overall and if sponsorship can be secured.)

11.  If current Champ cannot return, they forfeit their position and the title is opened back up. (If second and third seeds, they will automatically move up.)

12.  A current Champ CANNOT accept any fights 8 weeks before the tournament date to avoid injury thus increasing the chance of having to drop. If they do, they willingly and knowingly forfeit their title and will not receive waived registration nor travel stipend. They may elect to register on their own to regain the title. 

13.  ALL combative records are counted to determine which division a fighter must go into.  This includes MT, KB, SS, Boxing, MMA, Smokers, etc.  To understand what we all required, please visit our record explantion page. What to report for your record.

14.  Class C can fight up into Class B. Class B can fight up into Class A. Class C cannot go into Class A. If a Class B fighter registers in Class A, they must also have a winning record.

15.  Class C & Class B will be open to all fighters who's records fall into those classes. No restrictions on their records.

16.  All brackets are limited to 8 man brackets. 

17.  Weigh ins will be Friday. Championship weigh ins will be Sunday morning. All fighters must make weight on Friday. 

18.  Fighters will be given allowance on Sunday similar to the TBA Classic's structure.

19.  Depending on numbers, Elimination bouts may begin on Friday afternoon. 

All brackets will begin at traditional weight spreads. We reserve the option to combine weight brackets or meet at a "catch weight" if needed to ensure bouts.

**What is the difference between the Annual TBA Classic and the new Fall Tournament of Champions? 

The Annual TBA Classic -- all division champions are awarded a custom tournament belt. Each year is a unique design. It is a WORLD tournament open to everyone. The TBA Classic is open to juniors, adults and seniors and have 16 man brackets. More Fighters, More competition! 

The Tournament of Champions -- Class A is awarded a defendable TBA-SA North American Title, which can be defended on other promotions throughout the year. Class A fighters from the United States are scouted by USMF to be on Team USA to compete at IFMA. Brackets limited to 8 man. Class A championship bouts will be 5 - 2 minute rounds and will be invited to perform Wai Kru-Ram Muay. No head, no shin guards gear during Championship bouts. More traditional!